• HS Senior Portrait Style Sessions– You Have a Choice!

    Senior portraits are all about the experience. You deserve a fun session that will capture your personality and bring out your best qualities. Your portrait should express who you are from posing to props to style. We offer you unlimited poses within your session from which you’ll choose your favorites. Plus – as a special “thank you” you’ll receive a free family portrait session.

    Every image you select is styled and expertly retouched at no extra charge. Your prints will have the style you want with your favorite look -- full color, toned, or black & white in every style from traditional portrait to fashion and edgy grunge. Whatever you want at no extra charge.

    Remember -- While your school may require you to go to a certain photography studio for your yearbook headshot, you are NOT REQUIRED to purchase your senior portraits there! If you want something unique and different that totally expresses who you are and your passion, then give us a call or send an email today!

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    When contacting us through e-mail, please remember to include the date of your mitzvah or special event. When we get back to you, we'll let you know right away if we're available.

    Call today: 480-513-8090

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We love taking pictures.

In fact, we've been taking pictures together ever since we met, as you can see from the photos to the right -- Alissa by Peter, and vice versa. We wore a lot of hats when it was cold in Boston in the early 90's. After moving to Arizona and starting our family, we took more and more photos and started to photograph our friends and their families -- just for fun. In addition to building a huge library of kids' photos, Alissa discovered montages as a way to preserve special moments without spending time cutting, pasting and gluing together an album. Fast forward to 2004 when Alissa started Memories in Motion, channeling her creative skills into producing life story montages mostly for bar and bat mitzvahs. With more than 100 productions to her credit, montages remain an important part of Alissa's work for Life Moments. In 2009, we started doing bar and bat mitzvah photography, weddings, family and individual portraits, and high school senior portraits. We work as a team and our clients tell us that we're fun to work with. We’re certainly not going to disagree with our clients. We don’t have to tell you about our work because you can see it on all the rest of the pages on this site. We blend today's technology with classic lighting to capture those special moments that come along every now and then in life. That's why we named our business Life Moments. And you know what? We still love taking pictures.